Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Veritas, but scattered

When I was in college, I had a very clear lesson in how reactions to alcohol vary: one of my dear friends had just taken her GRE and broken up with her boyfriend and found out she had a sick elderly family member. She had half a wine cooler at a party and was gone, really thoroughly and hilariously drunk. It wasn't the wine cooler, except that it was; stress alone or half a wine cooler alone would not have been enough, but together, hoo.

I am not that kind of gone. But I was not drive-safe after half a glass of mediocre, boring white wine with dinner, and even I am not that much of a cheap date from alcohol minus stress. I have the urge to e-mail people to say vastly inappropriate things. Instead I seem to be saying appropriate things but with slightly odd timing. I mean all of them. I just am not generally in the habit of sending one-line queries and comments far and wide without provocation.

One of you asked after codebreaking. I am amused to find, upon reading Codebreakers: Arne Beurling and the Swedish Crypto Program During World War II, that Swedish cryptographers were very, very quietly passing their information to the Norwegian resistance and the Finns. Whose side were they on? The side of the free north, apparently. I can get behind that. And that is my amusing codebreaking history tidbit of the day.

We now return to our entirely unscheduled e-mails.
Tags: stupid brain tricks, true north strong and slightly less free, women get woolly
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