Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Mantles of green, Byerly's, and relaxation.

Today is still not the best day ever. It's not even the best day this week. But Granny Laird started talking in my head while I was exchanging timprov's Icky-Hot, so it's also not been unproductive even aside from the caretaking front. Tam and Angela (Janet's best friend from college) and Bachand (the goalie) are now holding forth as well. So far I have managed to get them to take turns.

I have no intentions of losing any loved ones to the lords of hell, but sometimes hanging on is not sufficient and doing something else is additionally indicated, and sometimes it's not entirely clear what that something else is. I also have no intentions of getting pregnant in case that helps. It is not a very good reason to get pregnant: well, see, I listen to too much folk music, and I thought maybe....

And the Icky-Hot--beginning of the story here--this is why I shop at Byerly's. Because when I return a tube of non-functional Icy-Hot to them, they immediately send someone to check the shelf and the back room for other tubes from the same batch number, just in case, and they immediately get the manager to add calling the manufacturer to their agenda. They didn't even check my receipt, though I got it out for them. They were just concerned about the defective product. Go Byerly's.

So. One of you said, "I'd like to hear what relaxes you most." Okay, most? Most is probably a cup of really good quality dark hot chocolate with Bailey's in it, topping off a good meal cooked by someone else, with music of the people-with-guitars school (quietly, alto vocal range or below), a good book, and hugs from a trusted male person who is bigger than me in at least one dimension (breadth of shoulders apparently counts) and who smells familiar and very male. Sometimes that combination of things doesn't result in a relaxed mrissa, but it's certainly a better way to bet than anything else I know of so far.
Tags: carter hall, stupid brain tricks, til i drop, timprov

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