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Good Stuff.

buymeaclue wanted a good things post, and I firmly believe in indulging buymeaclue just now. (And other times, too.) Also it's good to think about stuff other than being tired. So, good things today:

1) We will have new living room chairs soon. Chocolate-brown leather rocker-recliners. The new red couch is not due in until early February, but the chairs are on sale (markgritter still has to go test one out today to be sure it's the right incarnation of chocolate-brown leather recliner), and the current chairs...well. They have not been stellar for quite some time, being hand-me-down grad student furniture. But they hit a critical point furniture hits, where it gets worse quickly and soon becomes entirely unusable. And we can afford new chairs, so.

2) Bookses. So far I am enjoying buymeaclue's recommendation of lo these many moons ago, Kelley Eskridge's Solitaire. Also I have several other books on my pile from Christmas.

3) Bookses, take two. I have gotten some work done this morning, and it went pretty well.

4) Breakfast. I like breakfast. I usually have a flour tortilla smeared with Nutella, and that's always nice. Sometimes I have oatmeal or a muffin or toast or a scone or Grape Nuts or blueberry cereal or something else instead. All those things are nice, too. Mmmmm, breakfast.

5) Lunch date. markgritter and I are going out for lunch as soon as we are both clean and decent.

6) Andrew. One of my old friends is stopping through tomorrow afternoon for a bit. He will have his fiancee with him, and I like and approve of her.

Hmm. That's a tomorrow-ish good thing. So yesterday counts, too:
7) German food with timprov and markgritter and dd_b and lydy. With really good pear cider, called perry cider, which I had to have explained to me.

8) Trivia. Did you know that when Marian Anderson played on the Mall, her accompanist was Finnish? True story. I like little fact-nuggets like that. I like the rattling things they do in my brain, and how they pick up other bits and stick together. Writers are Rube Goldberg machines, I think, but sometimes kicking a gong with a boot on a stick is the only way to get an ice cube in your drink.

9) Sheets. Nice, soft, clean sheets. Staying up all night made me extremely appreciative of sheets.

10) Ice cream. Sometime today I get ice cream. It might be caramel ice cream made with liquid nitrogen and topped with hot fudge. It might be vanilla ice cream with cloudberries and Ghirardelli chips. It might be boysenberry sorbet. I don't know yet, and I don't have to know, because there will be ice cream, and ice cream is good.

This is not as easy for me as it is some days, so do feel free to add your own.
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