Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Weird question

Do any of you wake up some days feeling more gendered than others?

I'm pretty girly most of the time. I am not what one would call androgynous, ever, physically or otherwise. But some mornings -- like this one -- I just feel more female than usual.

It's not an "I float as the clouds of air do" sort of thing. I'm not going to go shopping or mess with my hair or do something stereotypically girly like that. This is still a pink-free zone. And if I bake something, it'll be because I feel like it, not because it feels femmey to me. (In my family, I'd probably start messing with the plumbing or doing some carpentry if I wanted to feel traditionally female.)

Still, waking up feeling more female or more consciously's weird. Is it just me? Do you get this sometimes, too?
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