Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Verbal tics removed on revision, take 574

As this book is not a New Age seminar, my characters can all stop $#&@% finding themselves! Okay, sure, the skalds have knocked you out, you can maybe wake to find yourself in a featureless room, but generally you can just be impressed with something rather than finding yourself impressed, go to the forest rather than finding yourself in the forest.


ETA: gaaneden was asking us for brags, and I have to say, with all the stuff I'm revising out of this draft, I really do like some bits of it. I don't want to quote too many bits so it's like a movie trailer that shows the only worthwhile parts of the movie so then there's no point to going. But I really like some of the stuff I'm doing here. And it's not even all Orvokki.

It's mostly Orvokki, though.
Tags: magical finnish computers

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