Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"The only thing that counts is that I don't sleep."

I am amused at how many people on my friendslist have said that they've had an uncharacteristic night of insomnia recently, and that they all keep thinking it would have been useful if only it had been tonight, because then they could call me. You people are sweet.

When I was thinking about 2005, one of the mental tags that popped into my head was The Year I Didn't Have A Brain Tumor. But actually I would prefer not to have that as a unique signifier for 2005, if it's all the same to you.

I'm allowed to have naps this afternoon and early evening, if I can take them. My plan is to go in to get my back fixed at 1:00 and then come home and try to take a nap. Isn't that a thrilling plan? You're here for the nonstop excitement, I bet. That and the recipes for bars.

I figured out that if Baba Yaga lived in Bemidji, her house would have avocado green siding. So at least I'm doing something useful this morning. Isn't that great, that in this line of work, this counts as productive? Writing about tract homes lurching down the freeway on chicken feet? I love what I do. This morning I've been working on "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path" and also on Sampo revisions. If I could stop obsessing about tonight, it would be a pretty good morning.

Do not forget to make suggestions to fuel potential blogorrhea to help keep me up tonight. You can decide not to; that's fine. But don't forget. Also e-mail might be a pleasant diversion. Keep them cards and letters coming. Yah.
Tags: carter hall, magical finnish computers, stupid vertigo
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