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I've never done a post of this kind before, so I hope it goes reasonably. Here's the deal: I may use lj as an anti-sleep-aid tomorrow night when I'm staying up all night for my EEG. (If you haven't been following along, here are the basics: I have to stay up all night in order to make my brain go batshit when they test it at 10:00 the next morning. Why are they testing it? I've had a weird collection of symptoms, including but not limited to fatigue. So I have to stay up all night to figure out what it is. You might as well laugh; heaven knows I have. But wearily.)

I have set this (I hope) so that I and only I can view the answers. Is there anything you'd particularly like to hear about that might be rattling around my brain? Is there a random topic you aren't particularly keen on that you think might take time and keep me awake reasonably? Let me know. I may filter the answer, or I may say that it's none of your business, but then again I may not.

Poll #644238 Sleep dep distractions

What should I babble about?

I have also set comments to "screen" if you have something you want to put here that won't fit in the window provided.
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