Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Worst Christian Evar. Yet again.

So. Many of us are familiar with the Christian Inspirational poem about "Footprints," right? The recap is: a person is reviewing his/her life as a set of footprints on a beach, with Jesus walking beside him/her. And Person notices that there was only one pair of footprints in the toughest times, and Jesus says, "My beloved child, that is when I carried you." So far, so Christian Inspirational, right?

So at the end of the Narnia movie, Lucy and Tumnus are watching Aslan walking on the beach, and my brain went: "Aslan, in my toughest times there was only one pair of footprints." "My beloved child, that is when I was hopping on my front paws."

Well, I also thought Alanis Morisette's God attempting handstands in "Dogma" was a wonderful religious moment, so you can't rely on me for these things. Or maybe you should; I'd certainly rather have a deity that hopped on its front paws from time to time, in some metaphorical sense.
Tags: losing my reli--wait it's behind the cou, pure silliness
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