Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Fortnight of December 18-31

Four rejections. I decided that when I didn't get this post done on the 26th when markgritter and I were home, declaring it a timely fortnight post instead of a timely and a belated week post would be a good idea. I'm surprised I haven't seen more postal rejections (even with the holidays) from people who don't want to pay the extra 2c on something they've had sitting around their office for months. I suppose they can always use the e-mail I've put prominently on the cover letter and manuscript both.

This afternoon we watched two Futurama Christmas episodes and a Tick Christmas episode. We could have been geekier, but not by much, I don't think.

We are just back from a lovely evening at Dragonsept, started a little earlier than perhaps one or two members of the household anticipated. I doubt that I'll see in the New Year, and that's kind of how the last half of 2005 has gone: cut back, no energy. Bleh.

As I said last year, I don't make resolutions all in a chunk, because when I see something I want to change, I tend to charge right in and try to do it right away. Charging right in has been one of the things I've been working on changing, this last half of 2005, but I just want to moderate the tendency, not get rid of it entirely.

Moderation. Yah. Hard key word, there. Well, have an immoderately happy New Year, then.

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