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Didn't I Miss Your Smilin' Face

By the way, markgritter and I are back from Milwaukee. timprov has more or less always been here (Maple Grove is nearly "here"), and missista is with my folks still (and until after the sleep-dep study at least -- we don't know specifics yet).

This morning I'm feasting on bread and water. Well, toast with homemade strawberry jam and water. Still, the milk had gone off enough that I could smell it, and we're out of almost everything else. So I get to brave the grocery store crowds with people who are shopping for their New Year's parties: joy! Still, necessary and all that. If I was really bright, I'd get in the shower right now and go while the clerks are all still bleary-eyed, but I'm apparently not that bright.

Also there will be laundry in, lo, great abundance. And unpacking. And finding spots for new things and writing down new books. I finished all but two of my pre-Christmas pile, and one of those is a WFC freebie and the other is something markgritter bought during the Pre-Christmas Book Blackout, on the theory that a) he didn't know Roger Zelazny and Robert Sheckley had co-written a book and b) we were unlikely to buy it for him out of the blue anyway. What this means, among other things, is that my book pile is now filled with things I wanted to read a good deal more and more recently than stuff I paid 10c for at a library book sale a year and a half ago. This Is Good.

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