Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Pause for breath

Despite the fog, markgritter and I arrived home safely last night and had dinner with timprov and unpacked and repacked. In some ways all this is much, much easier than when we had to pack for a week in Omaha and a week in Milwaukee and fit everything on the plane. It does mean another drive this morning, however. We will cope.

Those of you who are wishing people belated merry Christmasses and happy Hanukkahs: don't! It's not belated! It's only the third day of Christmas and the third day of Hanukkah, and Hanukkah has eight days total and Christmas twelve. Did you think the song about the twelve days of Christmas was randomly selected? It's still Christmas until Twelfth Night. So you're not late on cards or presents or anything yet.

I got a robot vacuum! Because it's the Christmas of the fuuuuuuture! Also I got a stick blender and a pair of Docs (there will be pictures) and a fountain pen and books and books and books. Also it is a Very Amy Ray Christmas, as my Indigo Girls collection is substantially larger and my Amy Ray solo album collection is now complete.

I miss the bop, but letting my folks have time with her was the right thing all around. Still, she hasn't been away from all her housemonkeys at once since we got her in July, and I think it's a great deal harder on me than it is on her. (She adores her Mormor and Morfar, and they adore her right back, and as for my old folks, ohhhhhhh, they were in love the minute they saw her picture.)

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