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[boring post]

I am feeling low-energy and overwhelmed, so I'm going to try to sort out all this stuff and get it organized so I don't have to think about it quite as much or in the same way any more. This actually sometimes works for me. Feel free to ignore it, of course. I'll be adding to it, unfortunately, as well as crossing stuff out.

I have finally gotten to the point where I recognize that both my sanity and my physical energy levels contribute to making it more than reasonable to sit on the couch watching a couple of Bab5 episodes (Season 3, o Season 3!) with markgritter and timprov. It's okay to enjoy little things. Really. Not only okay but good.

--call grands
--call (back) about two household issues
--call to reserve room for Andrew's wedding
--order last two presents online
--wrap recently purchased presents and stop driving the dog nuts with them (missista really, really wants what we got for the Kiddo-To-Be)
--sort laundry
--wash jeans, darks x2, lights, towels, delicates, old mattress pad
--500 words and title on Orvokki's story "Scribing a Line"
--Morning: timprov appointment: call to reschedule
--Evening: massage
--Evening: take cookies to neighbors across the street as thank-you

--call Kari
--call for dinner reservation
--check credit card statement
--contact homeowners' insurance company about thingy in letter
--Morning: timprov bed delivery
--sew buttons, pocket on peacoat
--print book to crit for one of you
--send Marylyn condolences
--afternoon snack
--wash lights, towels, old mattress pad
--pack cookies for WED Morning person
--finish "Scribing a Line"
--send out "Drug Test"
--put pameladean's birthday present in purse

--call CJ, one of you
--Early morning: humidifier installation
--Morning: coffee with one of you if we can fix a time and place
--balance checkbook
--write to Mindy
--prepare Sampo and other stuff to pack to take with

--deep-condition hair
--Morning: timprov appointment
--grocery shopping for timprov for while markgritter and I are gone
--Target: exchange bookshelf for unbroken version of same
--pack for Omaha
--set aside clothes for Milwaukee to facilitate packing upon return Monday
--find Christmas stockings in mess that is basement
--file papers in filing cabinet in the said mess

markgritter and I are not sure whether we're heading down to Omaha Thursday afternoon/evening or Friday morning, but I need to plan on it being Thursday morning, so then if it isn't, I'll have extra relaxation time built into the schedule. Or extra Sampo time if I'm not careful. Or extra time with the Snow Queen, who is now poking me at various points in more than one timeline. Thanks, Snow Queen! What I really needed just now is more freakin' stories!

I would also be fussing if I had no new stories in my head. There is no pleasing some people. Or, to put it another way, writers: all fruitbats.

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