Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Bits and pieces

Yesterday's unspecified procedure was only moderately uncomfortable and went well from the standpoint of ruling out another half dozen things. The list of Stuff I Don't Have is really quite extensive these days. I don't want to seem ungrateful for it. I'm very glad not to have the things I don't have.

The last of my Christmas cards should go out today -- I finally got the last two addresses I was waiting for. Certain in-person-friends on this friendslist would not be getting their Christmas cards at all if certain other in-person-friends on this friendslist had not sent me their addresses. Ahemcough. I have also had to re-send two of the cards that got returned with expired address, which I suppose is one of the reasons to do this: to keep track of where people are.

It's still snowing here.

And I have figured out how to fix the climax of Sampo, which makes sense of yesterday morning's fear and trepidation. So. More work, yes -- I keep telling you, I've never gotten a book this wrong on the first go before -- but it looks like sensible work, and I'm relieved to have it all straightened out. Conceiving of something as one book that's actually three books? can be something of a problem. If you'll credit the notion. Can require a fair amount of work pulling them apart later. I will try not to do this again if at all possible. I will even try not to do anything similar. (My grandfather objects to the idea of doing something again. "You can never do the same thing twice!" he says. "It's always different! You can only do something similar!" So, fine; I will try not to do something similar.)

This book makes me feel dumber than any other book I've ever written. It also makes me feel smarter. Strange things, books.

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