Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Today I am the Zombie Mris. I managed all kinds of useful things, but at a cost, yah, for sure you bet, a cost. The doctor and I talked about changing my birth control and having a couple more tests run, and she took blood again. I am still not a turnip. A zombie, sure, but not a turnip. These things are good to know. Whatever is wrong with me, it is not Incipient Turniposis. So no one will have to lob me at any editors, which is also a relief, for me (as well, I feel sure, as for the editors). One of the tests is scheduled for next Wednesday and the other has yet to be scheduled.

Four of you (three households) have packages coming. Bunches of you have Christmas cards coming. My Christmas card list is not based on how much I love you. It is largely based on whose address I have. If I don't have your address, you don't get a Christmas card for sure. Sometimes you don't anyway. Sorry. This is what I can do for now.

I managed to make supper, mostly. The bread machine bread did not rise properly and did not bake through, but I didn't have anywhere near the energy to knead bread today, and I expect not to have the energy to knead bread again tomorrow. So I will try another thing with the bread machine, or I will pick up bread on my way back from getting the windshield replaced, or we will go without bread.

Often my lack of energy has been purely physical. Today, as you may be able to tell, it is not. But there have been good things, two Christmas presents in the mail, time with people, books. So.

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