Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 27-December 3

One rejection (called "extra-special" by the editor -- in the "nearly bought it" direction rather than the "don't ever submit here again" direction), one request for revisions, one request for more material. So a pretty good week, as weeks without any concrete sale-ish things go.

I should really get on the rewrites, too. I have been lacking the energy, or rather I've been using it for other things. Today I went to a craft fair. It was billing itself as kind of an "alternative" craft fair. Apparently what this means is that my brain will repeatedly channel John Cusack saying, "Get your patchouli stink out of my store!" over and over and over again. Umm. Most craft fairs have tables filled with things I don't want, and this was no exception, although the directionality was a bit different. I do not want a purse made out of old Budweiser memorabilia, for example. (I'm sorry, gaaldine; I know you were hoping to get one for Christmas, but I hope you can live with the disappointment.) Anyway, I did find and purchase two items of interest, so that's something, at least. Progress. I'm glad I didn't call a friend to do this as a social thing, though, because the place was packed to the gills, squeezing room only, and loud.

But the happy part -- besides the items I found -- was that the driving directions took me right past Great-Grandma Lingen's old highrise, so I got to see where I fell in love with Minneapolis for the first time, when she took me up on the roof to look at the city.

And the snow is pretty, and markgritter is home for over a week, and I'm in the middle of Gemini, that. Good stuff abounds.

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