Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 20-26 (belated)

Two rejections, two acceptances.

I just forgot it was Saturday yesterday. Entirely. In my head, Wednesday was Saturday, and every day since has been Sunday. I keep thinking of my grandmother's "month of Sundays," but I don't think this is what she meant. Disorienting, if so. But today really is Sunday, I'm pretty sure. Almost positive.

The new library furniture arrived yesterday. We haven't painted to go with it yet, but already it makes me happy with its big comfy blueness, and it goes well with the cherry bookshelves, and I have just decided that I also want a cherry trunk or chest for in there for miscellanea (especially toys). Pictures will be forthcoming when we get off our, awhile, then. But eventually.

The furniture people showed up ten minutes earlier than their stated window (but this is Minnesota, so I was ready for them half an hour early just in case), and they took off their shoes every time they came in the door. Without setting down the large, heavy pieces of furniture. It was really nice.

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