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Free Books

With the arrival of our new library furniture tomorrow, I've been going through and pulling out books I don't need to keep around. Many of them served their purpose in their time, and I've kept others by the same authors, but I estimate the odds that I will reread them at fairly small numbers, so off they go to some of you, and if you pass them on to someone else, well and good.

This is not a Buy Nothing Day protest of any kind. I assume that most of you buy books to the limits of your budget, and anyway, I don't celebrate Buy Nothing Day, because I try to observe Don't Buy Stupid Things Day 365/366 days a year, depending on what year. Sort of an "Earth Day every day" idea, really.

As usual: first dibs go to people in the Twin Cities area, but put your requests in, and it'll go first-come first-serve within those two categories (within the Twin Cities area first, within North America second -- I'm freeing up shelf space, not attempting to unite ideal books with ideal people, so I'm afraid I'm not much for shipping outside the continent unless it's really important). You don't have to take series together, but I've tried to indicate where there are such, if I remember, and you certainly can dibs them all at once.

Kevin J. Anderson: Hidden Empire.

Gregory Benford: The Martian Race

Ben Bova: Death Dream, Empire Builders, The Exiles Trilogy, The Kinsman Saga, Moonrise and Moonwar, Peacemakers and Privateers, Return to Mars, To Save the Sun and To Fear the Light (written with A.J. Austin, who is not alecaustin; anyway they're no longer available as I underestimated markgritter's attachment to them) The three pairs grouped with "ands" go together.

Steve Cash: The Meq. Semi-immortal Basque-ish people.

Samuel R. Delany: Neveryona. Not his masterwork.

Edward Gorman, ed.: The Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction. Very crimey. Mostly what I would describe as noir, except where it isn't.

Andrew M. Greeley: A Christmas Wedding, Irish Eyes, Irish Lace, Irish Whiskey, A Midwinter's Tale, Thy Brother's Wife. The "Irish" books go together, and the winter holiday-ish books go together. (Not to be mistaken for Winter Holiday, which you can't have as it is mine and was the first Swallows and Amazons book I ever owned.)

Daniel Keyes Moran: The Last Dancer. Not actually the guy who wrote "Flowers for Algernon," which was my impression I bought this one when I was 15.

Mark Shepherd: Elvendude. The cover says, "Straight from Mercedes Lackey's world to ours!" And that is, in fact, what era of my life this book dates from.

Robert Silverberg: Sorcerers of Majipoor. For some reason I bounced off this one, even though I read the first three Majipoor books.

L. Neil Smith: The Crystal Empire, Henry Martyn, Pallas, The Wardove. Libertarian SF. Some of it with pirates.

David Wingrove: Beneath the Tree of Heaven, The Broken Wheel, The Middle Kingdom, The Stone Within, The White Mountain. All this is one series of a Chinese-dominated future, which is why I kept reading it: I wanted something distinctly non-Western, and this was what I could find at the time. Not what I would call a "nice" future, nor populated with "nice" people.

Joan D. Vinge: The Summer Queen, sequel to The Snow Queen.

Zoran Zivkovic: The Fourth Circle. This book features the rape of Stephen Hawking. You have been warned.
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