Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of June 27-July 3 (belated)

One acceptance, no rejections. If that isn't nice for a change, I don't know what is. Also one...err...piece of positive feedback, I suppose I'd call it. Requiring a good deal of immediate fluttering around on my part. Better than not.

markgritter and I had a pretty good weekend overall in Omaha. Pleasant time with parents and grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins and cousin-puppy. (My cousin Mary's puppy needs some surgical help so that he to assert his dominance over everything that moves. Yes, let's put it that way; that sounds nice. Anyway, he's otherwise a very nice puppy, but apparently Oowen is not the same as Oonan, because he seemed to have no awareness whatsoever of when things were broken or anything similar.) We had no particular agenda, and that was all for the best. Also I have some birthday presents early.

We went to "Richard III" on Shakespeare on the Green. I haven't made it to Shakespeare on the Green every year for the last eighteen years, but it's a pretty near thing. We started going the summer I turned eight. "R3" is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, although my mother had to poke me repeatedly, because I couldn't stop giggling when the over-the-top Tudor propaganda scene -- you know the one, where the current regime's ancestor is supported by practically everybody in the whole entire country in ghost form? -- involved oversized kachina-style masks. I mean, it's a bit much anyway, so I suppose it isn't made much more by the kachina dolls. But I'm a disgrace in public. This is known.

Our Taste of Minnesota plan was rained on, so we went to Sakura to console ourselves. Oh woe and alack, gyoza and sashimi and tempura. (I forgot to ask them not to give me shrimp tempura, and I don't care if timprov says they're really prawns, I don't want them. And usually I get extra vegetables if I ask them to leave them off. But timprov and markgritter managed to dispose of the extra tempura shrimp anyway.)

And we found my books! I was missing two boxes of children's books, and now I'll be able to sort through and see what I've got and what I need. My Oz books were in there, and my E. Nesbits, and my Trixie Beldens, and shut up, I like Trixie Belden. In small doses. I was 7. Hush your mouth. Anyway, I don't know what all is in there, but it's another thing on the list.

Which is, of course, just what I needed. But like many of the others, it's a good task. So I shouldn't be complaining about the number of tasks, as long as some of them are good.

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