Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


timprov has almost all of our household's CDs on his computer now in a big random playlist, and the segues just kill me sometimes. We just went from the song about the girl from Duluth ("Where do bad folks go when they DIIIIIE? they don't go to heaven where the angels flyyy...") to a recording of the ballad of Tam Lin. Beautiful.

Also it makes me want to work on "Water, Flesh, and Stone." Which is not the short story I'm supposed to be finishing, but as usual I have Arlo Guthrie in my head reminding me that "you can't always do what you're s'pposed to be doin'."

Oh, and thence into Janis Joplin, ohhhhh, random play, how I love thee.

Without other segues entirely: one of you asked about cream cheese drops in an anonymous comment a few days ago. I've got the recipe up here. For those of you who have been around my parents or their cookies at Christmas, these are the ones iced in pink and green, the ones everybody always likes.

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