Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I make no sense.

Most of my notes on manuscripts make perfect sense. Today I have run into two problematic ones:

1. "More Orvokki sex advice." Uh...well, the scene as written has no Orvokki sex advice, so any would be more. In fact, the scene as written has nothing to do with sex at all, and precious little in the way of advice. I mean, Orvokki is either the only sensible character or one of only two, in this book, so I'm sure whatever she has to say would be enlightening. I just don't really see where it would come in.

2. "[outlive something]." This is an excellent idea. I think all of you should outlive something, even if it's the spider that crawled into the dishwasher just before I started it. But how, exactly, this pertains to my book? I have no idea. None.

It's supposed to stop raining and start icing and then snowing later today, so I walked the dog already. Between her restlessness and Ansa Nikkanen running around messing things up in Sampo, I think I will need angelsuppa in the midafternoon. Luckily, I can have angelsuppa in the midafternoon. Compensatory pleasures in life don't always involve cloudberries, but when one has been reading up on festival foods of Finland, they really ought to. It's only fair.

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