Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I slept for two hours this afternoon and woke up feeling somewhat more human. Went to the dealer's room and a bar (where I had, oh decadent me, an apple) and a restaurant, and on my way back from the restaurant had to lean on porphyrin and Mike's car for awhile to get steady. So. I know I'm missing a good deal of fun, but I'm shaky enough that I'm just stuck missing it for tonight, and I feel enough better than I did this late morning/early afternoon that I feel confident that the rest of the weekend will likely not be a debacle. I've already enjoyed seeing the people I've seen, it's just that I'm relying more on being horizontal than is really good for parties.

Dr. porphyrin has taken charge, so all of you may rest easy.

Also I will have a new shiny as soon as I go through and make sure I don't need earrings. "Need." Ahem. But yes: shiiiiiny. With cubes.

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