Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The pup.

There are more and less disgusting times for the dog to get into the bathroom trash.

This one was probably somewhere in the middle. If you have a really gross imagination, you're thinking too gross here. If you're a sweet-minded person (how did you find me?), yes, it was worse than an empty bottle of shampoo.

Also, Ista has decided that my bras would be really the best chew toys ever. She responds well to "Drop it!" but not to "No!" as a general concept to apply next time she gets the urge. I think this is like I was suggesting to scottjames about his cat: it's not that Ista doesn't understand that she's not supposed to try to find and gnaw my undergarments. It's that she disagrees.

I have at least gotten her to stop trying to bite them when they are on my body (through my clothes, by crawling up skirts or loose blouses, by crawling down my cleavage -- we have a rule in this house, that only one mammal can wear a given garment at a given time, and I stand by that rule).

I keep saying I wouldn't want to have a dog with no personality and no opinions, I guess. I just wish the opinions weren't things like, "Mmmm, underwires!"
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