Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


So I've known for awhile that Sampo is not a very good title for this second Finnish book. It doesn't mean anything to people unfamiliar with Finnish mythology, or worse, it reminds them of Little Black Sambo, to which it does not refer in the slightest.

Looking back through my last paper journal, though, it seems that I am extremely talented at coming up with alternatives that are even worse. Circuit Sky or Circuit-Graven Sky? Bleh. Skiing Down the Hüsi Elk? Even more obscure. timprov has gotten into the spirit of the thing, suggesting Crepuscular Finns and Dawn of the Louhis. ("Like Lawrence of Arabia!" he says helpfully.) Hell, The Stars in my Circuit Like JFETs popped into my head just now. Anybody else have ideas about what I should definitely not call this book? Bonus points for time-of-day references and/or archaic computing references, since the other two nearest it are Thermionic Night and Midnight Sun Rising.

If anybody happened to have any brilliant notions of what to call this book, those would also be welcome, but one imagines that some minor point like reading the silly thing might be helpful there. (Then again, maybe not. timprov has been known to possess special powers regarding my books, even when he hasn't read them. He can often give me areas I should explore if I'm stuck. So maybe one of you is like that with titles.)

Zed was our title-man out in California. Maybe I should write to Zed.

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