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Scott's Questions Answered

Our vet told us not to let Ista run free in the backyard for 10-14 days, until she gets her stitches out: we're supposed to keep her on a leash. Already she has decided that this is not a good arrangement: she does not want to stay on the grass on a leash with a monkey! She wants to run through the underbrush to the fence to sniff noses with the neighbor puppies! It is perfectly obvious! I am the Dumbest Monkey Ever!

Sigh. Gonna be a looooong week.

scottjames asked me five questions (as you still may):
1. What is your least favorite total ordering (and why)?
My total ordering of least favorite total orderings is as follows:, wait. This is one of them-there trick questions Doc Tichy warned me about! You sneaky former debate geek fiend!

As far as a partial ordering of total orderings I like, though, total orderings of people are definitely less than or equal to. Life is not a burning building. Odds are extremely poor that you will ever have to choose whether to save your mom or your dad under absolutely equal conditions. There is no reason for us to keep the lists handy in our minds just in case.

2. If you had to put a bumper sticker on your car, but you could make it up yourself, what would it say (and why)?
I like the ImpSec eye from the Vorkosigan books. I like that very much. Simple and elegant and geeky and in-jokey.

3. Who (other than you) would have the most success buying clothes for you? In what ways would they be right or wrong?
I am told that elisem has the shopping fu for anything one's heart could desire, so in this hypothetical situation, I'm sending elisem with whomever, so they can find whatever they decide to want on my behalf.

Umm. Well, you, scottjames, did very well the one time you were retained as a Mrissish shopping assistant. My mom, markgritter, and timprov have done notably well on more than one occasion, and my friend Twig was a dark horse in this matter as well. porphyrin and I long ago agreed that lydy would be fun to go shopping with, which is not really the same thing.

The problem with setting anybody to shop for me who hasn't already shopped for me is that people -- even women-people, who should know this problem themselves -- consistently underestimate how difficult I am to buy clothes for. They tend to pick out things that would look good on me if they were cut to fit me, which they almost invariably are not. The Land's End personal online model whatsit informed me blithely that with my measurements, I could wear anything. What it did not mention is that none of it would fit, and that almost nobody looks good in things that do not fit them.

4. If you could spend an entire afternoon with one of the 3 Musketeers, which one would you choose (and why)?
Probably Aerich.

(scottjames, have I made you read The Phoenix Guards yet?)

Umm. But in this world. That's really more of a mood question than a one choice for all time question. I think I would find Athos the most restful, and this evening I'm somewhat more keen on restful than I sometimes am.

Actually Athos would probably get more than his one-third share of the afternoons on those grounds. Porthos would be interesting and Aramis would be fun (and no, I don't have those backwards), but Athos is Athos.

5. What movie or series of movies should Peter Jackson (LotR) attempt next?
Something original. This may get me lynched, and yes, I enjoyed the LotR movies (you did not, in fact, have to specify which Peter Jackson), but enough with the interpretations and remakes. Tell me a story that's made for film in the first place, and make it one I can't already get on DVD from Amazon. I appreciate book authors getting money for their books being waved near a movie script somewhere, but I really think that Peter Jackson could do something new and good, and what's more, I think he should.
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