Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Hockey and happiness

I am of the opinion that that stinking little thug bastard Bertuzzi should not be allowed to play a pick-up game on a local pond, much less another season of professional hockey, after his disgraceful behavior in the '03-'04 season. As timprov said last night, "He shouldn't even be allowed to play tonsil hockey." I am also of the opinion that his one-year suspension being counted through the year of labor difficulties is dumber and more unjust than I can express here, especially as I might lose coherence and begin kicking things, which is hard to express on livejournal.

Still, the Wild beating him and the rest of the Canucks 6-0 is very soothing to my feelings.

It's very disconcerting sometimes, turning into my mother like this.

Things I hate about fall in Minnesota: box elder bugs. Ista helps me hunt them, even though they apparently taste much nastier than spiders. So that's good, in a way.

Things I love about fall in Minnesota: everything else but box elder bugs. I love the carpet of yellow poplar leaves on the driveway, and I love the way the pepper plant is starting to curl up, and I love waiting for the wee blueberry bush to blush. I love the smell of leaves and wet pavement when I go outside. I love the tart little local apples they have stacked at Byerly's. I love that I get to wear soft, warm clothes again.

I love that I have been back home here for two years now and find more things to appreciate about it every season. Every day, really. Other things go well or poorly, quickly or slowly, but I am so glad to be here for all of it, either way.
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