November 3rd, 2012


As easy a landing as we can manage.

My dears, it is three days until the US election. Three. We can do this. We're on the home stretch. I just wanted to say: please, dear ones, can you cut yourselves some slack here? And if possible the people around you. But particularly yourselves. I am seeing so very many people I care about being so stressed and as a result so hard on themselves. Deep breaths, folks. I know that many of us are dealing with important issues, and it's not helping anybody's stress levels. I don't just mean important issues in politics. I just think it's stacking up, if you've been bombarded with all the same stuff for months on end, and now you've got a sick family member or a new job--or you don't have a new job when you want one--or any of a number of other things. Some of you had the big storm to deal with, a lot of us were worried about those who did. We're all very tired by now.

You probably have learned what you need to learn about the election here. (Especially if you don't live in the US!) Probably a nice walk, a good meal, a silly movie, something else would be good. Clear your head. Just take some deep breaths. Literal ones, deep breaths. You will not become a bad person if you are kind to yourself for a day. If you do, well, you can go back to beating yourself up for truth and justice tomorrow. But I kind of doubt it. I think it'll be okay if you have a really good autumn apple and breathe and think kind thoughts. Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it, "think kind thoughts"? I think we need it. I don't mind being silly.