June 8th, 2012


More, more, more.

Okay, so: what specific, concrete thing do you want more of?

That is to say, not time, not money, not fame, not attention, not love.

But something that you could kick, or almost. Something that someone else could maybe read your comment and say, "Actually, I know who's making that," and point you at it.

So, you might want more cinnamon rolls that aren't totally smothered in sugary frosting. Or you might want more science fiction novels in which there could not conceivably be anybody with a gun on the cover. Or you might want more dark blue cotton shirts for long-torsoed men. More toys for young-grade-school age kids who are interested in science, packaging gender-neutral. What one thing do you want more of on a Friday afternoon, off the top of your head? Go.