March 10th, 2012


"If you want to be a spyyyyyy like me."

Here is the really annoying thing about reading a bunch of spy novels lately: they are the only genre I have read very many of that are all written by one category of person, by which I mean men. Everything else I have read lots of, if I start feeling like, hey, this is all women or all Americans or like that, then I go and get something that isn't.

And I've already read all the Ally Carter things.

So help! Somebody tell me some good spy novels written by women!

Please note that this is a perfectly reasonable time to say, "Hey, I notice that too, I sympathize," but not really a reasonable time to say, "This one by a guy has a good woman character in it," or, "This one by a guy has noticed women exist other than as backdrops," or, "This one is by a dude and just plain good." I do not dispute that men can write good spy novels. I am glad to read them. I just also want to read good spy novels by women, and I don't see why I shouldn't get to have both. I realize this may mean that I have to write them, but, well, I hope it doesn't, is what. Or at least I hope that's not the only thing it means.