May 5th, 2011


Also eye gel is weird.

When my grandpa was in the hospital, my aunt Kathy gave me an over-the-counter eye gel that's supposed to be like super-duper-hyper-eyedrops for those who wear contact lenses. I've been using it this week with the birch pollen (...sigh), and it pointed out a perceptual/cognitive phenomenon that I am quite nerd enough to appreciate.

See, without my glasses or contacts I cannot see for beans. Certainly some of you are blinder than I am--and I don't even just mean the blind guy--but I am still on the "wow you really cannot see" end of things, not the "oh well I read more comfortably with them" end of things when it comes to wearing my glasses/contacts.

For the first few seconds it's in, the gel has a lensing effect on my vision. And my brain can distinguish between my proper not-seeing-right and this other version of not-seeing right. This fascinates me. I would have predicted that this would only come up with things like shape distortions or color distortions or like that. I would have predicted that "in focus" is what my brain is processing. But no, the right out of focus is very different from the wrong out of focus.

Brains. I tell ya. Weird, weird stuff.