December 5th, 2010


Today we're gonna party like it's 199...7.

So occasionally staying the same size and shape for, um, two decades now gets a little accidentally weird. In this case, if I didn't already have plans, I would feel like I should present myself at greykev's and demand to play Magic or possibly D&D.

So the thing is, part of my afternoon plans involve rolling homemade truffles. Don't want to get a nice new shirt messy! Better wear an old one. But it's not very warm here. So this resulted in...a fitted ribbed grey long-sleeved shirt with an old red-and-grey flannel I can put on for warmth and take off when I'm working. And jeans which are not actually the same jeans but might as well be; random boot-cut jeans, same color, same size. And I'll want my hair out of my face, so I braided it. Thick wool socks. I'll put hiking boots on when I go out.

And I looked in the mirror and went, oh, hell, might as well go whole hog with the jewelry. So there's a rune necklace and my Stonehenge/Pi earrings and my rune ring, and by late 1997 I had my engagement ring, and while it's not the same watch, I've gotten approximations of this watch for years now because it's what I want in a watch. So the only new thing is a bracelet I got this year, which looks like it goes with all the rest.

Well. I guess sometimes you have to get back to your roots. It's just that I feel obliged to sing a little grunge medley instead of Christmas carols. Which may be appropriate for the afternoon's plans, too.