September 16th, 2010


You can get anything you want at Asimov's restaurant (excepting Isaac)

timprov and I are thinking of opening a restaurant themed around Isaac Asimov's work.

You could start with A Choice of Calamaris. Many of the entrees would, of course, feature DanDan with Eel, and its sidekick SwissChard. You might want to order The Mule et frites. If you get Foundation and Kebabs, ask for seconds. The Caves of Veal comes with The Naked Sun-dried Tomatoes.

Everybody likes I, Rarebit. If you're going vegetarian, there's a choice of The Gourds Themselves, or Nori and Gobo's Great Adventure.

And if you're still hungry, you could finish up with The Currants of Space or, of course, Calvin Suzette.