June 21st, 2010


Not there yet. Nor there yet. But working on it.

Fourth Street Fantasy is, for me, the con that lasts longer than any other con, and this year is the really extreme example of that. I have been, in some sense, doing Fourth Street stuff since Friday night. And will keep on with it for an as-yet-undetermined length of time, but: quite some time, really, since the con hasn't started yet and won't for quite awhile. If posting is sparse, that's more or less why. It's a good sort of why.

But I just wanted to say this: tonight I am going to Restaurant Alma to celebrate being done with PT. Nearly two and a half years ago I started PT, and around that time markgritter and timprov went to Restaurant Alma for matastas's bachelor party. They loved it, and it was somewhere nice I'd never been, so it was an obvious choice for an incentive/celebration goal. At the time I imagined that "done with PT" would mean either "all better" or "given up on getting better," and neither of those is the case. We're trying a different angle on this. But still: I am done with PT, and I worked hard on it for over two years, and that deserves a celebration. So Restaurant Alma it is.