June 7th, 2010


temporary champion

Some of my friends use an application where they sign in to tell it where they are and it proclaims them mayor of their house, like, five times a day. Or something; I'm not sure on all the details. Anyway, I am champion of our house today, I'm pretty sure, except that timprov is getting groceries, grilling fish, and making hot-and-sour soup, so he will probably pass me up later. But here is what I have done today: I have used up the last of a kind of tisane (herbal tea) and a kind of hot chocolate. Yes! Time for a victory lap and a chorus of "We are the Champions!"

(markgritter and I have a great weakness for trying different kinds of hot beverage. We do not have a matching weakness for building storage additions on to the kitchen. So you can see where the issue comes in.)

Also blah blah writing achievements blah blah housework achievements blah blah baking blah blah time with friends. But! A type of tisane and a type of hot chocolate completely used up! Mris am the greetest! Now I am leaving Earth for no raisins! (Don't have time to go re-watch that Futurama episode. Am too busy being the greetest. And making raspberry buttermilk cake. Ah well.)