March 29th, 2010


Just so I know who's who

I am scheduled for a panel on Sunday that talks about women who write science fiction, and it is using science fiction as a specific term rather than an umbrella term that includes all speculative fiction. I would prefer not to publicly say, "Oh, so-and-so is a science fiction writer, and she's awesome!" and have you come around later saying, "Err, actually no, I only write fantasy/horror/mysteries/interstitial non-science stuff/whatever."

I have no problems with you coming around later telling me that you're not awesome. By which I mean I have big problems with it, but I don't expect this poll to fix them.

Poll #1544771 SF women around here

Please check if you self-identify as female and consider yourself, at least some of the time or in some of your work:

a science fiction writer
a speculative writer whose work sometimes touches on science fiction

Please check if you:

like to check boxes.
feel like it this time though not necessarily in general.