Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

The standard three

The good: I sold a story just now! Dark Wisdom wants "A Nose for Spirits," one of my rare dark stories. (It's a ghost story. I would describe it as dark fantasy rather than horror, but this may be my prejudice.) So yay! A scent-related story sale!

The bad: the ENT verified that I'm smelling things correctly most of the time and that nothing appears to be wrong with my sinuses/nose/etc. This is what we suspected, but we hoped she might have some insight into where to go next. She doesn't. So we have some thinking and some talking to do around here, and some more thinking. She made me take a 40-question scratch-and-sniff test. Uff da. That was no fun: flat, fake smells, bleh. I got three wrong, and she went back to see if there was a pattern, smelled them herself, and decided that I was more right than the test book, in her opinion. So.

The ugly: I tried on a pair of knee-high lace-up high-heeled girly boots at Bigdale. Oof. I know you can wear thick socks to pad out some boots, but this is not that look, and the ankles were baggy. That is Just Not It. I will have to keep looking if I want girly boots. (This is actually not that big a deal, but nothing else ugly happened today.)

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