December 9th, 2009


Not the day we expected, 129th verse

Now that much of the family has been called or directly e-mailed, I will put this here: my grandma had an appendectomy this evening at the hospital nearest us. It went as well as "you are 77 years old and unexpectedly need your appendix out right this minute" can go, and she is resting as comfortably as the hospital staff can manage. (We loff their nurses. Truly. Also Grandma's surgeon was really excellent.) She will be in the hospital several days while they make sure all is going well in various ways.

I was down there tonight after she got out of surgery and have seen her and talked to her and reassured myself.

Dear 2009: I never thought your antics were cute and funny. Never. Not even for a day, because that first day? That was the day you took Aunt Donna. We are so over you, 2009.

My grandma appreciates prayer, but she is not averse to warm thoughts, positive wishes, etc., either. I've disabled comments because I'd much rather converse on e-mail right now.