December 7th, 2009


Things I did not get you or anyone else for Christmas

Or for a wedding gift, Hanukkah, Solstice, or any other event, either. A partial list:

A print of breakdancing cartoon tapirs
A vintage copy of Rose in Bloom rebound with lots and lots of plastic
A giant yellow glass head (about half again as large as timprov's actual head, for reference)
A candleholder that looked like the illegitimate offspring of a horse and a dachshund
A giant handmade ceramic sculpture of a bulb of garlic (this one only the size of my head)
Something I could not figure out but which was labeled "recycled geckos." I suspect my family and friends are not so sure they/you want the geckos the first time around. Recycled is right out.
A cactus made out of Coke cans
A shirt or sweater with the bust covered with ruffles
A candleholder in the shape of a man slapping his own ass while balancing a candle on his head
A candleholder where you have to put a candle inside Jesus' glass head
A candleholder of the Buddha where his candle and its flame would be...even less fortunately placed
An angel with turkey wings
A garden sculpture of a one-eyed chimp
A leather magazine rack called "Inca Mailman"
Anything that can be described as a "laundry tool"
Pangolin earrings. Although I did think about it, because they're kind of awesome.
"Build-your-own vehicular fishmonster kit." But only because I already have Rob's present, because seriously, who doesn't want to build their own vehicular fishmonster? I know, I know, we'd all prefer to do it from scratch, but these days everyone is busy, and a fishmonster from a kit is probably better than no fishmonster at all.

ETA: I am seriously rethinking this stance as regards the vehicular fishmonster. I keep going back to it.
good mris pic

State of the Mris report, early December

We overdid in November, with house guests and such, and I've switched up my PT as scheduled this last week. Between those two things, my butt: it is kicked. The PT change has been neither as great as one might hope nor as bad as one might fear. I believe it represents progress. But not the kind of progress that lets me skip ahead to Park Place and build three hotels. In fact I am still doing remarkably little skipping.

Also, I am trying to let Carter have his head a bit, but between Carter and my subconscious, some things are coming out wrong. "If you're some kind of desert spirit, you should act like some kind of desert spirit, that's what I say," is what I meant. What I typed was about dessert spirits.

I mean, we have ice wine in the fridge, but I don't think it's strong enough to qualify.

I'm just sayin'.