October 26th, 2009

good mris pic


I love the first day I really, really don't feel sick any more except for a few lingering symptoms. It's like I got superpowers overnight. "Able to sort laundry in a single bound!" Hmm. So they're mediocrepowers, actually. But still: ability to accomplish stuff, oh hurrah.

The down side to waking up with markgritter's alarm on the days he's going to California--and being able to do stuff after a week of not--is that I am getting hungry for lunch now. Really hungry for lunch now. It is not yet 10:00 a.m. If I have lunch now, I will fall over on my head before the folks and Grandma and Johan get here for dinner. Lunch has to happen later. So now I have to figure out what I can have for a late morning snack. Which is a good problem to have, don't get me wrong--I've been sore-throated and vertigo-nauseated and generally not feeling like food, so wanting some more is good. It's just that which food may be a nontrivial problem.

Defaulting to hazelnuts may be one of my more spectacular mediocrepowers, actually. Defaults To Hazelnuts Woman To The Rescue! Needs A Semicolon To Survive Girl Is On The Case!

By the Mountain Bound, by Elizabeth Bear

This book was a review copy provided by Tor, and matociquala is a friend of mine. And this book is dedicated to two people on my friendslist, and to, um, me. So if you're looking for a completely pure, uninfluenced reading experience, you had best look elsewhere.

On the other hand: matociquala dedicated this particular book to me, and not some other book, for a reason, and that reason is that this is my sort of thing in spades. The emotional tone of the book goes from the smoky half-dark of the mead hall to the headache-bright of fresh noon snow and back again. It's a post-Ragnarok book that really runs with the post-ness, even if you can't see how quite as clearly at the beginning as you can in the beginning of All the Windwracked Stars. I love all the POV characters, and I love Rannveig the little mortal girl who just keeps on, and I love Yrenbend, because I am all about secondary character love. And it has Gullveig the Deathless, who is one of the best side bits of Norse myth, one of the best bits where your mouth sort of opens and closes and then you end up saying, "Yah, okay," because there's not a lot else to say in the face of Gullveig the Deathless. Also I love how Rannveig's dog is a dog and the wolves are wolves and they are not the same. Important. But not the same.

The Norse worldview stuff all comes out just right here.

Oh, and it's a prequel. So you can read it now, or you can read it after All the Windwracked Stars, and it'll be different in those configurations, but I think it'll work either way. I'm trying to avoid spoilers anyway (um, world not the same after Ragnarok: ideally not a spoiler for very many people), but you will have partial knowledge of one if you read both, and that's okay, it's built to work.

Bookday for this book is tomorrow. Go, buy, devour as you would devour the Sun, were you the sort of character who went around devouring the Sun. Which, y'know. Some of you will probably find you are.