October 19th, 2009

good mris pic

While I'm waiting for my John Cusack Batman movie

Here are TV shows I think they should make for me based on what I already like:

1. Criminal West Wing. The President of the United States (John Lithgow) is a serial killer. His deputy chief of staff (Thomas Gibson) has to clean up after him, appealing once in awhile to the First Lady (Jane Lynch) for help.

2. Spencer's Mom For Hire. A brilliant woman with severe schizophrenia (Jane Lynch) solves crimes from her place in a mental hospital. Occasional cameos from her FBI agent son (Matthew Grey Gubler).

3. Martian Bones. A forensic areologist (Enrico Colantoni) tries to figure out what destroyed the ancient Martian civilization. The clash between working-class scientists and rich tourists is heightened when he begins a romance with the head of the largest tourist corporation (Jane Lynch).