October 8th, 2009

scold with Lilly, no more monkeys!, and another thing!

What we have the phrase "bipartisan support" *for*.

Thanks, Senator Franken. We might not have elected you by much, but I'd like to think that an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans can stand behind you on this one.

Seriously, who thinks that companies should be able to put in employment contracts that you can't prosecute criminal charges for sexual assault including but not limited to rape? Who, of any political stripe, thinks that's a great idea? Your boss shouldn't be able to tell you not to treat someone assaulting you as a crime, whether your genitals are involved or not. This is just plain obvious. This is what we call basic human decency. And shame on the thirty senators who didn't have any of that basic human decency.

Several things have come up in the news recently that make me think, "I can't write a livejournal post about that, because there's nothing coherent to be said. It's just too clear-cut. Bad Things Are Bad, people! Bad Things! They are Bad! We are against Things That Are Bad!" How many times can we repeat this? And then someone like Sen. Sessions comes up all, "Oh, you're only against rape because prosecuting rape and related crimes will be bad for Halliburton!" Yeah, asshole, what other reason could there possibly be? It's all about Halliburton, dude. Totally. What the Constitution needs is the Oh Hell No Amendment, wherein people like Sen. Sessions can be made to go sit in the penalty box--recusing themselves from all votes in the meantime--and think about what they just said until they understand why we all went OH HELL NO, and promise not to do it again.

Locketed but confused.

Um...did somebody send me a locket? Because I just got a locket, and I'm pretty sure I would remember if I'd ordered it. The slip in the package just says, "Thanks, Marissa. Enjoy!" and has the creator's name, and the mailing return is from someone with an Etsy store--so not the sort of formal business receipt that often will have the billing address on it. If this is from you, please let me know so that I may thank you. (E-mail is fine if you don't want to talk about gifts in public.)