September 13th, 2009


Some very startled Archenlanders, I tell you what.

Upon reading the manual to our new car, markgritter was startled to discover that it can be taught to open garage doors. (timprov and I were startled, too, but did not read the manual. Suffice it to say that this is not a feature we would have been willing to pay for separately, but it's kind of cool to have it around.)

markgritter: Okay, I've programmed it now so that 1 is the left door and 2 is the right door. We can make 3 your folks' if you want.
me: Awesome.
timprov: Can we make 3 something else?
me: Like MIA so we can program the car to run off with all their Chinese treasures?
markgritter: Well, it has to be 1-3 inches from the current garage door opener when it's activated.
timprov: I was thinking more like Narnia.
markgritter: If you can find a garage that already opens onto Narnia and get 1-3 inches from the opener when they use it, then yes, we can teach our car to open the door to Narnia.
timprov and me: Awesome.