September 6th, 2009

good mris pic

important updates for inquiring minds

I discovered the source of the vomiting noise in the backyard!

It is the backdoor neighbors' dog, who was vomiting.

So this is really not so hot for the dog or the neighbors, but far better for us than fighting raccoons or opossums or what have you.

Also we will now refer to that dog as Pukeybird, so there's that. (These are neighbors who let their dog out to barkandbarkandbark at all hours of the day or night, so we are not constrained by our usual sense of neighborly courtesy. Oh, wait: our usual sense of neighborly courtesy would only dictate that we not call the dog that to their faces. So never mind then.) (Seriously, when you put a dog door in so your dog doesn't wake you up when it barks in the night, and then it wakes up all the neighbors when it barks in the night? Neighbor fail. And when your dog barksandbarksandbarks but my dog barks once and your kids scream obscenities at my dog? Neighbor fail. These people do not get a plate of cookies at Christmas, I tell you what.)