August 8th, 2009

scold with Lilly, no more monkeys!, and another thing!

Oh, brilliant, self.

I decided I was going to try watching House, because while it's entirely possible that alecaustin and skzbrust might both like something I found completely worthless, it doesn't seem like the way to bet. So I got the DVDs from the library.

I managed half an episode. That half-episode makes me think this may be my sort of thing and is worth my time (I like mysteries that are not quite on the beaten path, and medical stuff seems to fulfill that). But it also makes me think, "What kind of a freakin' moron decides to try watching a medical drama wherein people are on the verge of death a lot on the day of her uncle's memorial service, in a year where she has several seriously ill loved ones and four of them have already died?"

So it's on my Amazon wishlist for later, and tomorrow I will watch a nice, comforting, relaxing show wherein people are trying to kill each other.

One of these days I will stop being startled at how inclined towards crime shows I am. But this is not that day.

(One of these days I will also not tear up when the Marine Corps commercials come on during the ballgame because I associate them with my grandpa. This is not that day either. dlandon talks about the days when puppy food commercials make one cry, due to grief or hormones or both. For me it's not so much puppies, more Marines.)