July 30th, 2009

getting by

Uncle Rudinka

My uncle Rudy died this morning.

It was not unexpected. I am not shocked. It turns out that grief is like humor in that people overestimate how important surprise is to its impact.

For those of you who have difficulty keeping score with my relatives, Uncle Rudy is Aunt Dor's husband, Grandma's brother-in-law, my godfathers' father. He is the uncle who was always there when I was little, Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving but also weeks in the summer, Mom's birthday, evenings playing cards, picnics, pumpkin carving and egg dyeing and cookie frosting.

There will be stories later when I can manage them. There are so many stories. I have turned off comments not because I don't want to talk to people--I do want to talk to people--but because sometimes the particular social conventions that go with lj comments on a topic like this are not something I can deal with. Please e-mail if you want to talk. I'm up for that.
getting by

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When I am too tired to do like the song says and kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight, it turns out I have lots of friends who volunteer to show up in stompy boots and keep up the kicking until I get my breath back.

Thank you.