July 26th, 2009


Happy my birthday!

Happy my birthday to you! I have already had a scone and am going to go have a workout in just a minute. Yesterday my mom made lunch for markgritter, timprov, herself, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Phil, and me, with chicken salad and fruit and cake and both of my favorite kinds of fruit bread. Today, the Smothers Brothers! And fruit crisp and pizza and godkids and many other happy birthdayish sorts of things.

Before I begin the progression of birthday fun, I wanted to say that we went and saw Grandma's apartment, and is it ever nice. I feel so good about her moving in there. I'm so glad Mom found it (and so glad it's this close to our place!). It was practically all the guys and I could talk about in the car on the way home. I had ridden past the outside in a car before, but yesterday we went in and saw the facilities and Grandma's specific apartment, which already has a sign on the door telling the other residents her name and welcoming her. They have gone past attention to detail and very nearly along the road to miracle working: the chairs in the common room, for example, are of a design that would be easy for seniors who were shaky to get in and out of, but they're also comfortable and attractive. They've managed to do all sorts of accessibility and general approach things so that this really seems like a pleasant building for older folks who are still in good health and independent. There are rolls and coffee in the downstairs common room every morning, and I really like the idea that Grandma can go down and introduce herself to her neighbors when she wants to but doesn't have to have them on top of her if she wants her space.

I feel like we could have overcome a suboptimal living circumstance because Grandma is in a better position than a lot of people who would be moving to a new city in their late 70s. But we don't have to, because this place is really, really good.

I opened some of my cards and presents yesterday and will get more today, but this year my big present is having Grandma moving up here.