May 27th, 2009



I have a really bad case of the donwannas today. So far I have cleaned and chopped strawberries, bell peppers, and cauliflower, cooked dog food, and done laundry in an attempt to avoid the things I don't want to do. Soon I will wrap my dad's birthday present. My dad's birthday is June 14. My brain suggested brightly that we could clean out the sock drawer. Or organize the pajama drawer (because having folded T-shirts in two neat piles is clearly not organized enough).

It's not that my house is otherwise so optimal that I have to resort to organizing the pajama drawer for cat-waxing. No. Nonono. It's that I am dealing with large amounts of brain rebellion for the things that actually need doing in whatever category. It's a PT day, and I'm fighting a headache, but really, things still need doing. Really really.

Still: it's one of those days when I feel like I'm dragging my brain behind me on a string, bump bump bump down the stairs.

For heaven's sake don't tell me something motivational. Tell me about your own cat-waxing.