April 27th, 2009

good mris pic


I don't think I've ever uploaded an image to my lj before, so please tell me if these do horrible things to your pages. In any case: Timprov took these of the redness of the kitchen. This is just about as dark as it ever is in there, early dusk.

The large map on the one side of the table is a 19th century map of the city of Minneapolis. Facing it, not visible from these angles, are a bunch of Ursula Vernon's strange fruit pictures. We're planning to add two of Timprov's pictures above the stove and the sink.

I am ridiculously pleased with the Darth Vader birthday card I found for Robin (and may, in fact, return to the store in hopes that they've restocked, so that I may send the wondrous thing to many other people who might need it), and I am mildly annoyed with the clothing designers who have decided that multiple rows of ruffles on the bustline are just what we need for spring. (Ma: you're not getting a shirt like this for your birthday. No matter how you whine and cry for it.)

Bunches of stuff going on here recently, some good, some worrisome. May is going to be a Red Queen sort of month here, running to stay in place. I don't actually want to stay in place, but running faster is not coming quite as well as one might hope. Trying not to be terminally distracted. Taking things as they come to hand, which is not my strong suit, and filling in the calendar bit by bit with practicalities around family/visiting plans, which is.

I'm pretty sure I can tell which direction forward is from here. Maybe. Almost sure. In any case: some of you wanted kitchen pictures, and now you have some.