April 23rd, 2009

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Technopeasant, Sauron's May Baskets, and Other Life-Living Stuff

I have only one thing in honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day this year: Things We Sell To Tourists. It originally appeared in the late and much-lamented Aeon. Five short-shorts around a theme. Enjoy.

Something I hoped to do for IPSTD was a recording of "Singing Them Back," which I have been supposed to do since November. One of the major problems with it is that we live near the airport, so if I want to record something on Timprov's system and not have it sound like airplanes at unpredictable intervals--particularly now that it's nice enough that he has the windows open--I need to do it after the planes are done for the day, which is mostly after I've gone to bed. This is on my list of things I can do to keep living my life even with the vertigo. I won't forget it. I just didn't do it this week, and probably won't soon.

But! I haven't written about that list in awhile, and there's a lot of stuff I have done from it. Collapse )

*English peas. Garden peas. Whatever you call 'em, the ones with the pods too stiff to eat and the large peas inside, where you have to shell the peas before eating them? That's what I want. Anybody know where I can find those? It's prime pea season, and the stores are selling me sugar snap or snow. And those are fine for their purposes, but what I want is peas, not peas-inna-pod. Byerly's, Cub, Rainbow, and Kowalski's have all consistently let me down. If you know where one can get fresh peas in season in the Twin Cities, please do tell, and we will hasten there.