April 2nd, 2009


And what do we burn apart from Senatorial candidates?

While waiting in yet another doctor's office yesterday, Timprov came up with a new method for determining the outcome of the Minnesota Senatorial race. I was initially skeptical of this, as I feel that having two Senators puts oneself forward awfully and is immodest and un-Minnesotan and probably we should let them know that it's really no bother and we can just have one.

But Timprov's solution is this: we take the two main Senatorial candidates and throw them in a lake. Whoever drowns is the Senator. Whoever does not drown is the witch, and we have all sorts of good logs here in Minnesota we can dry out for that eventuality.

markgritter noted that this would leave Gov. Pawlenty in charge of appointing a replacement, but I don't see why a dead Senator is any less use to us than an unelected one, and Timprov magnanimously allowed that whatever other state officials might look difficult could also join the Senatorial candidates in the lake and solve the potential witch problem for the whole state and not just this one office.

There, aren't you glad we were here?