February 16th, 2009

ista grown

Curfew Dog Enforces Curfew

Grandpa took a turn for the worse yesterday afternoon, and they moved him into a private room. Dad drove home in the afternoon so that he could work today, so it was just us women around. Mom took Grandma and me back to Grandma and Grandpa's to sleep, and then she went back up to stay with him. (They later moved him into the ICU, but at the time Grandma and I didn't know that. So they have an eagle eye on him.)

So Ista and I went to bed. And she paced and paced and crooned and crooned. I let her outside twice. This was not the problem. I let her have access to her food and water. She did not want any stinkin' food and water. What she wanted was to check beds. Grandma was fast asleep in hers; okay. We had to look at the bed Mom and Dad usually use. Of course it was empty. After that Ista was willing to go lie down with me, but she laid there and crooned and cried for a good twenty minutes further. It was not barking. It was the whimpers and opinions of a dog who knows something is not right and her monkeys are not behaving to specifications.

My aunt Kathy went to stay with Mom last night at the hospital, and she's here with me now. She'll be trying to get some sleep that isn't on the family waiting room couch and will be running me over to the hospital if I'm ready to go before Mom's ready to come home for a shower and a "power rest."